Friday, January 13, 2012


Guess what, you ladies and fellas out's almost valentines day! You have a month to get your sh*t together and come up with an awesome gift idea. I'll admit, valentines day is a total hallmark holiday and it is lame. But I love to give presents, and with my new crafty mindset I am psyched about making a few gifts this year! Although I won't be able to celebrate on the 14th, I will be going to Mississippi on Feb. 25th and we will be celebrating then! I already came up with some ideas.

My big idea:
Fossil watch!

Little Ideas:
Found at

Little love (paper) fortune cookies :-). Super cute and super easy!

Handmade gift box. I'm thinking I might do something sort of similar to this, to put all the little goodies in!

Chalkboard mug! A great use of dollar store coffee mugs, and its a great idea for my coffee drinker :-)

Felt hearts...just because they're cute!

Cute homemade card ideas! 

My favorite part about all these homemade ideas, is that they are all so cheap and easy but still really cute and fun! Looks like a trip to Michael's is in my near future! 

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