Saturday, September 17, 2011


this is so cliche...but i really want to make a "bucket list", if you will, for this fall. just a list to remind me of all the things i would like to accomplish:
-first of all, i am planning on going to a really sweet apple orchard/cider mill with all the works, like the hay maze and hay ride and all that good stuff.
-carve a freaking awesome pumpkin, like the one above
-go to a haunted house, and try not to cry
-get a freaking job. fingers crossed that the tanning salon job will work out!!
-apply for a disney internship
-lose a little weight...basically just eat better and exercise and try to be more health conscious about what is going into my body
-work on my study habits! i am planning on doing awesome this semester
-have a more positive attitude about things, everyone can use a little more optimism in their lives
-go visit a friend up at school, like a little weekend getaway
-be a better friend, period
-be more organized with life in general! try to cut some clutter out of my life
-go through my closet (yet again) and get rid of all the crap i never wear/use!
-continue being happy