Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Wow. It has been WAY WAY WAY too long since I have wrote to all of you fellow bloggers...
I'd like to start off by saying hello, again...how are you? What's new?

What's new with me, you ask?

Well, for starters, I have found out I will be an aunt to a LITTLE BABY GIRL! (insert clapping, crying, jumping, dancing, etc. here)
Just to clear things up, I wasn't partial to one sex, I would have loved a little nephew. But come on... a little girl means lots and lots of pink...and I love pink.
My sister and her husband have been house hunting, and it seems that things are looking up and they may have found "the one".
Yay for them!!

My other "niece"...little miss Quinn (view my previous posts, she frequents them) turned one (insert weepy face)...time sure does fly. Cant wait to see her grow into the little diva I know she is destined to be. For the record, I got her a mini picnic table and a purse for her birthday...Im hoping to have many picnics in the future :)

Another thing to be happy about...I finished my summer class, and not only did I finish it- I also got an A! Yay for Amanda. Now time to job hunt...anyone know some place thats hiring?

And yes...last but not least.... I'M ENGAGED!
So weird to even write (type) those words. On Saturday, I flew to Mississippi for an 18 day trip (yay!)...that night my high school (middle school. lol) sweet heart got down on one knee. It was totally unexpected, honest! I had no idea. But I am so so so so so so SO SO SO SO excited.

For you nosy people out there...this is the ring! Absolutely perfect :) 
Needless to say, I have already had my nose buried in Pinterest, even though we will be having a long engagement. But come on, its never too early to start planning right?!? 

I appreciate all the wishes, the support, and the love you have sent our way! Right now we are just enjoying our time together, in fact my future husband-to-be is on his way home from work! 

I promise to keep you all posted on this journey! 

Have a good week, everyone!