Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I feel like this is the most dreaded season for girls. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE summer...but for all us curvy girls summer can be a little stressful knowing that you're gonna have to wear a bikini- especially after the winter months where you become pale and fat. Luckily, I have been tanning here and there...but I'm guilty of gaining a few extra pounds through the winter and I'm ready to shed them!
First of all, I've been starting a "diet". I'm not doing anything extreme, I don't believe in extreme. I am simply keeping track of my calorie intake (nothing too scientific, just being aware), drinking tons and tons of water,  and I made a pact with myself to not eat fast food or drink soda until my birthday (which is April 22nd). I've tried diets before but, lets face it, diets are boring! This is a more reasonable approach to losing weight, I'm keeping my meal portion size down and trying to focus on eating healthier alternatives. Although I'm not Catholic I'm participating in my own sort of "Lent", if you will, where I gave up two things- fast food and pop, and I cannot consume them until my birthday! So far so good. I've actually noticed that I've shed a pound or two, and I'm feeling great!
Another thing I have started is a series of work out videos. It is similar to P90X, but less expensive and it includes a weight. It is call Kettle Worx. For those of you familiar with the P90X system, Kettle Worx is similar in the way that they go by each week. Kettle Worx is a six week program, that includes everything from core work outs to cardio work outs. When I did the introductory video alone I was unbelievably sore the next day!
These are the videos you get:

And then you get your choice of a kettle bell weight- they come anywhere from 5 pounds to 20. My mom and I got the 5 pound weight to start off with.

Even though the videos can be a little cheesy at times, I love it. I'm working literally every muscle in my body while doing them and it's awesome! Way more fun than just running on a treadmill.
For those of you looking to lose a few pounds, I really reccommend these videos! Wish me luck this month! I'll keep you posted :-)

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